Galcon 2 - Galaxy Map update!

Ahoy there,


New Galaxy Map update out for everyone to see! The key differences are this:

- Once a star is taken, it cannot be attacked again
- The war will be extended extra days until you conquer it
- Clans can only wage two wars at a time
- There is no Galcoin cost for wars, except for the initial invasion
- Discovered constellations give 2x points

The strategy here is that large clans need to connect to smaller clans as quickly as possible so they can have access to more wars to ally in, so their faction can expand more quickly.

Have fun!

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Goat - O - Rama !!

"Galcon is a must. It's what you might call 'Space Risk In Real-Time.'" - Penny Arcade

"Galcon offers fast-paced gameplay - just the thing for a quick bus journey
but with solid enough strategy element to keep you coming back."
- Kotaku

"Galcon had me hooked at the first game." - touchArcade