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Download mods from here... :: May 25, 2007 @ 10:56am

Ensign SirGnip

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This is an unofficial list of mods currently available for Galcon.
The modding system in Galcon is in "beta."  It works, but use these mods at your own risk!  No guarantees are provided.  
That being said, there is a good bit of fun to be had with the stuff below.

<a href=""></a> - highlight planets to provide hints for beginners
<a href=""></a> - a modification to BotWar making it more fair
<a href=""></a> - a version of bottourney that includes the Alien bot.
<a href=""></a> - watch bots duke it out at high speed
<a href=""></a> - gameplay mod where planets occasionally revolt
<a href=""></a> - gameplay mod that gives the player nukes
<a href=""></a> - gameplay mod with powered-up fleets
<a href="">Symmetry</a> - A tweak to the Symmetry mod where every time a planet is taken over, it loses 10 production.
<a href=""></a> - provides option for symmetrical levels (includes Cobra and other bots)
<a href=""></a> - a greatly improved map editor
<a href=""></a> - a variety of single-player missions (Classic, Goliath, Pairs, Imperium, Crusher, Rebellion, Vaccuum)
<a href="">Tip: Trade Places</a> - a simple example of a strategy tutorial
<a href=""></a> - whiteboard proof of concept

To use the above mods, download the file and place it here, depending on your platform:
Windows: c:\program files\galcon\mods\ 
MacOSX: ~/Library/Application Support/Galcon/mods
Linux: ./galcon/mods  
(This location is also configurable thru the "options" menu in-game)

Then, start Galcon and press the "m" key when at the main menu.  Select the mod you would like to play from the list.

In the interest of keeping this thread simple and to the point, please take all discussion to new threads rather than replying to this one.
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