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Re: 1 v 1 Strategies :: May 26, 2010 @ 6:49am

Cabin Boy periwink

Clan: Galconians
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Number 1 rule is: Have a better internet connection than your opponent.

Then, you're half-way there.

Play-styles are very apparent at high-level, though. I'm pretty sure I could recognize matty or davide1234 without seeing their names after playing a few games.
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Re: 1 v 1 Strategies :: May 30, 2010 @ 10:56pm

Cabin Boy notpurple

Joined: Sep 15, 2009
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I say you're absolutely wrong, and that if anything play style becomes MORE apparent at higher levels.  Sure, a LOT of it is basic intuition, I know what you mean: many maps you get are simply learned reflexes battling it out, just like many maps are based solely on start location.  But hardly all maps.  Often you get maps where you must quickly decide your strategy off the bat, which route to take, how to trick your opponent or throw them off balance, etc.  And its that kind of playing that really shines through, on the right maps, at higher levels.

And thats to say nothing of general play orientation... Im told Im very much an expander, other players are more aggressive and direct, some specialize at being verrrrry tricky with their micro, etc.

@ periwink: manutd recognizes me by playstyle no matter what my name is, its uncanny
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Re: 1 v 1 Strategies :: Nov 28, 2010 @ 7:44pm

Cabin Boy ReeD

Clan: Clean_UpCrew
Joined: Aug 7, 2010
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Id like to adress one important part of 1v1 etiquette.


NUMBER 1:  play atleast to ten dont enter the room win one game then hight tail it out.  If you cant abide by this rule then stick to FFA. 

NUMBER 2: Dont prolong the game just surrender if you know you are beat.  Im not saying give up right away but if the other player is clearly goong to win just surrender.

NUMBER 3:  After you are beat to ten dont keep following the player that just best you looking for a rematch right away.  Give the guy a break and play him later.

NUMBER 4: dont sit in a server ready to press the start button right when someone enters trying to catch them off guard.  Let your opponent choose when hes ready to play.  Same goes for vise versa.

Thanks thats just some of my two cents.  Abide by it if you want my respect but if not oh well.  I always try to follow these rules and encourage you to do the same.  It shows both class and courage.

Here are some 1v1 tips on how to deal with good players:

1)Dont freek out they have only 10 fingers just like you.  You can take them just be confident in your abilities.

2)Learn how to watch your opponent while expanding

3)As tinny once said go fer te clusters.  Works everytime

4)Lastly always attack its the best way to not only keep your opponent on their toes but you can also increase your chances of winning drastically insteae of just defending.  Because defending is by far the hardest part of galcon.

Cya around -Manutd
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Re: 1 v 1 Strategies :: Nov 28, 2010 @ 11:01pm

Cabin Boy fresh.baked

Clan: Singularity
Joined: Nov 23, 2009
Posts: 156

I don't understand rule three... If you're just going to move to another server why can't I follow you? Why do you want to play someone else but not the person you just played? Unless it's not because of you taking a break but you accruing weight as expediently as possible.

If it's because of the latter, I guess I understand but I don't really like it. 

Also, the truest thing about galcon is attacking is easier than defending. I'll expand it a little by saying the production on home planets/large planets is so fast (near broken) that if you can disrupt your enemies production for even half a second you make it worth it. 

I also have to add that I don't like this as it promotes a 75% bonzai attack every opening and then popping as many planets around you with the remaining 25 percent. 

Counter this statement; The first person to swipe when the screen opens has already won half the battle.
Re: 1 v 1 Strategies :: Nov 29, 2010 @ 4:21am

Cabin Boy ReeD

Clan: Clean_UpCrew
Joined: Aug 7, 2010
Posts: 15

Fresh.baked let me explain rule 3 a bit more fore you atleast my reasoning behind it.  Ussually after a tough set of games i like to have a break and maybe play someone different.  For example once i play matty first to ten then we both leave the server.  We avoid each other for a while to let each other have a break then we play again shortly after.  It gets boring and repetetive when you keep playing the same person over and over.  I could see why you would follow someone right after you lose but give them a break and play them a bit later.  They probably gave it all they had to beat you and deserve some rest.  Dont get me wrong i love playing tought opponents but you need a break once in a while from the hectic playstyle of 1v1 masters.  As they say variety truly is the spice of life.

Hope that clarifys it for you a bit.  And if not sorry its just my opinion.

Also fresh about the 75% bonzai thing i dont think it promotes that at all.  I always start out with 50% for planet captures.  And only using 25% to capture planets is far too low.  Percentage wise 50% is ussually the best with a bit of 75% thrown in there on certain maps where spead js nescessary.  Never 100% or you are going to get destroyed when defending against me or any good player for that matter.
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Re: 1 v 1 Strategies :: Nov 29, 2010 @ 4:30am

Cabin Boy zmar01

Joined: Jun 6, 2009
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Ggs reed yesterday >>>"CleverName"
I could just tell it was you by the way you control the centre so fast.
And the way you take planets. 

Going back to your point about keeping the enemy on their toes. I noticed you seem to change the amount of ships you send. So it's not just 50% or 25% sometimes it's 30 or 40. It makes managing your ships harder. If you have 50 in a planet and you have 40 incoming there is not much you can do uness you send out 25% early or late but 25% you will have to chage to using up more time. 

Back to eticate. I like the whole win by 2 rule. 10-9 is not a victory.
Re: 1 v 1 Strategies :: Jul 24, 2011 @ 12:36pm

Cabin Boy onlyplayhigh

Joined: Jun 10, 2011
Posts: 41


Evaluate your opponent's spawn in comparison to yours. If you can increase your generative power more than he can for less cost, expand immediately and defend. 

It also helps to be aware of how much you can generate in the time it takes to get from one side of the map to the other, you'd be surprised at how far you can expand before your opponent's first ships arrive.

This is not a universal rule, but playing by this rule during the very initial phase will increase your win percentage a lot. Beyond that it is awareness and reaction time to how your opponent decides to attack. You may have to adjust, and when spawns are very close in value, pull out some of your 2v2 tricks. 


If your opponents spawn is cheaper and larger, you must attack.

Don't always go 100%. Your goal is to distract your opponent and change the balance of power in your favor until you out-generate him. This usually involves splitting your troops and forcing your enemy to reposition. If you do tend to go 100%, practice moving your ships and "faking" your opponent into moving his ships away from your target planet (or planets). Don't discount taking neutral planets either. As long as you come out with more planets after most of the ships have cancelled out, you've won, and sometimes this will involve taking cheap planets.


Practice multitasking and ship management in-air. Pay attention to your opponent's moves and counter them by taking the vacuums he creates in his own defense. If he doesn't create a vacuum, you must force him to.
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Re: 1 v 1 Strategies :: Aug 1, 2011 @ 2:41pm

Cabin Boy onlyplayhigh

Joined: Jun 10, 2011
Posts: 41

lol delete this, used the < symbol and it broke the code
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Re: 1 v 1 Strategies :: Aug 1, 2011 @ 2:42pm

Cabin Boy onlyplayhigh

Joined: Jun 10, 2011
Posts: 41

delete this too *** am i doing
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Re: 1 v 1 Strategies :: Aug 1, 2011 @ 2:43pm

Cabin Boy onlyplayhigh

Joined: Jun 10, 2011
Posts: 41

simple answer: force your opponent to move ships to planets you don't plan to take permanently, making your actual target planet empty and cheap for you to take.



Player 1 controls A, B, and C, and player 2 controls D and E, and they are 5-10 seconds into the game. If I were player 2, a viable strategy (and this is just one of several choices) would be to send 75% from D to A, and 75% from E to C, then redirect both to B.

+x signifies a percentage attack move 

1. player 1 ideally sends 50-100% from B to reinforce A and C

2. B is now empty or cheap, player 2's attack on his opponent's front planets has forced player 1 to create a "vacuum" of defensive value on planet B, player 2 can take it cheaply by redirecting his initial attack force, but to hold it should at least float his remaining ships midfield.

Player 2 is now holds the generative advantage with his largest concentration of troops in the largest cluster. Player 1's only choice is to take B back and hold his starting cluster, or take D and E and hold either A or C. In both cases, he has to empty A and C, giving player 2 opportunity to take A and C with his midfield ships giving him the cluster.

This is a very simple example game, and the percentages you use will vary greatly depending on where your opponent puts his ships. Your goal in any case is to force your opponent to make the move you want him to make, don't send ships and just bet or predict that he will send too many and make a mistake, control the game by making decisions that force your opponent to play into your endgame plan.

Finally, always remember that the victory condition is having the most planets, in this example case 3 or more. Which planets those are is never absolute.
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Re: 1 v 1 Strategies :: Aug 3, 2011 @ 12:31am

Cabin Boy max213

Joined: Feb 12, 2011
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Location: http://fs02.androidpit.i

Oooh okay. But -
What if P2 get's Planet B while Player A has all his troops in A & C, and now Player A attacks Planet B with Planet C while he sends 75% of his troops from Planet A to D. Then he controls ABC and almost D. Maybe he lost many troops by capturing Planet B back, but he still has more troops if he was fast enough. What do I do now, with 20-40 troops in whole? Surrender?
Re: 1 v 1 Strategies :: Aug 3, 2011 @ 10:50am

Cabin Boy onlyplayhigh

Joined: Jun 10, 2011
Posts: 41

Assuming this is standard single player, when Player 1 takes B he should have 70+ ships there and 20 - 30 midfield. Player 2 has his full 100+ split between C and A.
If he does totally capture B back, he should only have 40 troops in total at B, and C and A would be empty. If player 1 redirects both midfield fleets to C, then he should have about 40 there as well, plus the feed from two large planets at his spawn. Player 2 can't afford to attack player 1's cluster because of ship travel speed, his only choice at that point is to attack the planet (c or a) player 2 took with the midfield ships. If he realizes what to do instantly, it will be a close game, but if player 2 is a quick feeder player 2 wins.

"But won't player 1 have more ships total anyway, he started with 3 planets!"

It will be a very narrow win, but the key is in the time that player 2 held B and C. That all counts against player 1's total when everything cancels out. Ideally in this scenario, there will be no ships left between either player but player 2 will hold 3 planets and be feeding. 

If player 1 is especially good at reinforcing, he will most likely retreat a large number of ships back to B. In that situation, I, as player 2, would redirect all 3 of my midfield fleets to C (or A) and then immediately start feeding. At that point you've definitely won. He can't take C back, you have 120+ there at that point + feed, and even though your cluster is empty he can't afford to wait for the ships to travel.

If you're 5-10 seconds into the game and playing someone who has one more planet, then all you need to do is hold one more planet for 5-10 seconds to catch up.

Player 1 can win, but the only real defense in a game this close against player 2's aggressive strategy is attentive re-enforcing to block player 2's redirected fleets. Player 2 is forcing him to move 75 - 100 % of his total ships around, and many players aren't very careful against this and leave openings in their defense.
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