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Galcon Classic To-Do List :: Oct 4, 2009 @ 7:49pm

Cabin Boy eragmus

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Whoever's reading, feel free to comment on any point if you agree/disagree/etc. Nanno was appalled at the length of the list and decided she wanted to be secretive, so I'm giving it to the community to run with and pressure Nanno, or not.

1. Ability to add 1-2 bots to any single player mode (for a total of 4 players... 1 human, 3 bots) -- this would make single player mode vastly more fun, I think. It would require some good AI though, to make the bots do intelligent things for every mode. It should be relatively easy though, since Desktop Galcon allows multiple bots and the coding for the AI for one bot for every mode is already done. So combine both things and add an option in the interface to choose how many bots (1-3) you want in the game. 

2. I think the various graphical improvements, polish, tweaks have been useful in making Galcon Labs so successful and "sealing the deal" in people's minds. How about quickly updating Galcon (classic) and Galcon Lite with the new graphics and visual polish in a 1.8 update? This would bring the Galcon franchise all up to date and on the same line and hopefully also increase sales for classic Galcon at the same time. Further, when TouchArcade and the other app review sites get around to reviewing Galcon Labs, they can also include classic Galcon and Galcon Lite in their review as having been updated. This would hopefully drive sales of Galcon and Galcon Labs together.

3. Remember Ant Wars? Well the dev of that game seems to have deliberately copied Galcon with his game, because not only is now referencing Galcon in the description (to attract sales, obviously), he's claiming that his game is BETTER than Galcon ("This game does everything right that Galcon did wrong. Buy it now!") --> this shows what I mean--> 

4. "messaging" / "alliance-forming" in FFA games in Galcon classic mode (and now in stealth, billiards, and crash too)

5. Depending on what the future is, integration of Labs and Classic or not, perhaps rename Galcon to Galcon Classic and Galcon Lite to Galcon Classic Lite (or some such name) when the next update comes out (1.8 maybe, when the graphics and visual polish in Labs is also applied to Galcon Classic...)
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