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Hurry up :: Jun 28, 2009 @ 1:18pm

Cabin Boy sky_lark

Joined: May 9, 2007
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Note: This thread is NOT about the stalemates in-game that last for hours.

There's this one annoying thing players are doing more and more often that I'd like to bring up.

At the end of some iGalcon games, there are two players left.  One person has most or all of the planets, and will clearly win.  The other player has just one planet.  What happens in the clear winner, which will be called A, screws around, not actually finishing the game.  The clear loser, which will be called B, doesn't realize that he* should surrender and just sits there or tries to use his one ship he gains every five minutes to attack A.

At this point, A will either go for all the planets, turtle to show how strong he is, surrender and recapture all of the planets, etc.  It takes a long, long time for A to finally kill B.

This can be incredibly frustrating for those who want to play a game.  So for all of you A's out there, please try and remember the other players who are waiting.  If you have to grab all of the planets, do it as fast as possible.  If you have to turtle to show off, do it and then quickly kill the other.  I admit, I feel happy if I conquer all of the planets, so I send some ships to the neutral planets while attacking the enemy.  But I don't wait or take my time.

If you are B, then note the surrender option by tapping on the pause icon, and note that if you have one tiny planet and one or two ships and A has a billion planets, and a billion ships, it just isn't worth the time to try and win.  Just surrender and try again next game.

There are a bunch of you out there who drive me crazy doing this.  You know who you are, whether or not you are doing this on purpose.  I've seen flags of all colors play around with the loser/not surrender.

Thanks all!

*He is default.

EDIT: Crap, I think I should have posted this in Misc.  Mods, please move this thread to the appropriate section.  Sorry!
EDIT: Programming-wise, I don't know if it's possible/easy to make it so that in the scenario of A & B, then A wins automatically.  There's a rough version of this in desktop galcon (float around long enough and the game ends) but I don't know if it could be done in iGalcon.
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Re: Hurry up :: Jul 3, 2009 @ 12:33pm

Cabin Boy pwn.era

Joined: Apr 28, 2009
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It is implemented in iGalcon. If you fly around for a certain amount of time and have no planets and it's down to 2 players, then the match will automatically end. But yeah, you're right, the refusal to "end it" by some does get annoying sometimes...
Re: Hurry up :: Jul 3, 2009 @ 1:24pm

Cabin Boy txgangsta

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sounds like there needs to be a /stop command
Re: Hurry up :: Jul 3, 2009 @ 1:55pm

Cabin Boy pwn.era

Joined: Apr 28, 2009
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:D that would be superb

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