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Congratulations to the TNT Champions!!! :: Nov 15, 2009 @ 5:30pm

Cabin Boy Nanno

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Hey everyone, The Great No.Clan Tournament (TNT 01) was a huge success! Thanks to all the teams who showed up (and a few of you who jumped in at the last minute). 

Congratulations to the winners, Tinny and Im.a.girl. Fantastic job you two! We had some really great teams, and the final showdown was not something to be missed! 

I want to give a big, hearty "Well done!" to all the rest of you who showed up. It was some pretty stiff competition in some of those rounds. And for those who didn't put up much of a fight, well, thanks for hanging in there and giving it your best shot. =)

For those who are interested in the final points breakdown, here it is: 

Round 1 was weighted at 1 point. 
Round 2 at 5 points
Round 3 at 10 points 

For those who are wondering why the rounds were weighted differently, it was so I could easily determine the standings since some players naturally accrued more points than others if their competition was close enough to require more rounds to be played. 

Thanks again to everyone who showed! We'll do this again sometime, and hopefully I'll have things running a little more smoothly and a little more on time! =)
Re: Congratulations to the TNT Champions!!! :: Nov 15, 2009 @ 6:36pm

Cabin Boy pk.56

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Galcon + TNT = absolutely epic ! 

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