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Fans vs Developers :: Apr 9, 2012 @ 5:50am


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"Should you listen to your audience?" 

Pretty big discussion from deviantart. Talks about whether the gaming industry or any other entertainment media should incorporate user feedback into their product.

i think this is pretty relavent with all the "update galcon you basstards!" threads going on here.

Quotes from the article:
The gaming industry, and gaming media, is wrong to label upset consumers as ‘entitled’ or ignore the investment of fans beyond simply spending their hard-earned cash.

They don't "owe" you anything. They make a product, and then you decide if you're going to pay for it. Since many of you think it's okay to download anything you want for free, even that second step isn't a guaranteed part of the process anymore. But it's a very simple transaction. They make. You consume. … Even so, you are not actually owed anything beyond whatever entertainment they produced for you in the first place.

my opinion is a combination of both. 

as a developer myself, on one hand it's fun and interesting asking for new, fresh ideas and seeing things grow and expand beyond what i had imagined. on the other hand, most people really dont know what they want and when they get what they think they want they instantly regret it or get bored of it. this is mainly because they haven't really thought about their idea - the long term effects, other issues this might cause, the opinions of other (non-vocal) users, etc.

i think developers should incorporate some user ideas. bits and pieces here and there like sprinkles on a cupcake however the rest should be left to whoever is actually making it. 

what do you think?

p.s. this is not a galcon specific discussion
Re: Fans vs Developers :: Apr 9, 2012 @ 6:00am


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I'm also a developer (besides my main profession) and I find user feedback very important. On the one hand, it is crucial to implement requested functionalities, since you're trying to make money and "satisfy" your user base, on the other hand, one has to be consistent while developing and improving ideas, concerning the main philosophy behind that piece of work.

It's hard to say which way to go… I wouldn't see it as black and white, more finding the mid way.

And btw. (I know, the topic is not really Galcon related but anyways) there are so many requests regarding Galcon, there wasn't an upgrade for months/years now. That's pretty awful and let me (and surely others) think, that the developer doesn't give a …
Re: Fans vs Developers :: Apr 15, 2012 @ 4:48pm


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Nice thread. Great discussion btw

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