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Hypothetical Teams question :: Sep 8, 2014 @ 10:34am

Cabin Boy ewasted

Joined: Apr 9, 2014
Posts: 39

Say a player plays Teams but only plays 1 v 1. 

Can he/she become a two stripe?

I ask because to me the higher you go in rank the better a player you are. However if a player can reach a high rank while only playing 1 v 1 then it's somewhat meaningless. 

I have noticed several players in teams who are really good at teams IMO. Then there are several others who aren't very good on a team but are excellent 1 v 1. 

To me if you reach a high rank in Teams and never play 1 v 1 then you can say you are a superior teams player. You have won matches with a mix of players (unless you only stack) and that means you have adapted to many different styles. If you have any significant amt of 1 v 1 mixed in and that pushes you up then your rank is kind of misleading. 

If anyone knows how the Teams ranking system treats 1 v 1 please comment
Re: Hypothetical Teams question :: Sep 8, 2014 @ 1:01pm

Cabin Boy Gideon

Clan: Olympus
Joined: Dec 16, 2010
Posts: 207
Location: Utah, USA

Pretty darn sure the data cruncher makes no distinction.  It is indeed possible to get a high teams rank while only playing 1v1 while in team mode.

That being said, significant "fudging" like this is minimal, because a single game of 5v5 will count as much as five 1v1s, so a player would have to seriously hunt 1v1s and stay away from real team games to get an effect.  And I haven't ever seen that happening.
post updated on Sep 8, 2014 @ 1:04pm
Re: Hypothetical Teams question :: Sep 8, 2014 @ 1:24pm

Cabin Boy esparano

Clan: iElite
Joined: Nov 5, 2009
Posts: 3471

I've seen it happen.
Re: Hypothetical Teams question :: Sep 8, 2014 @ 11:35pm

Cabin Boy neverwins

Clan: The_Order
Joined: Dec 28, 2012
Posts: 910

Yea, they definitely count. I've never really taken teams ranks too seriously so it doesn't matter to me. I do think high level 1v1 correlates very well to good teams players, more than FFA at least, so it's not as if this is really majorly skewing anything. People 1v1 in the teams rooms while waiting for 4 players which usually doesn't last long enough to affect your rank that much.

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