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cricric vs bmwitt1234

FFAOct 1 @ 2:08amCaptain whomanCaptain bmwitt1234, Ensign zyh, Commander cricric
FFAOct 1 @ 2:09amCommander cricricCaptain whoman, Captain bmwitt1234
FFAOct 1 @ 2:10amCommander cricricCaptain whoman, Captain bmwitt1234, Captain razzmatazz
FFAOct 1 @ 2:12am1 Stripe Admiral quawertCaptain bmwitt1234, Captain razzmatazz, Captain cricric
FFAOct 1 @ 2:13amAdmiral bhj1 Stripe Admiral quawert, Captain bmwitt1234, Captain cricric
FFAOct 1 @ 2:14amCaptain cricric1 Stripe Admiral quawert, Captain bmwitt1234, Admiral bhj