Galcon 2 launched on Desktop and Steam and the iOS App Store!


Galcon 2 – Year of the Goat Update

May 1st, 2015

Galcon 2ScreenSnapz164

Welcome to Year of the Goat! There are new trophies, new ships, and TWO new sectors! There’s a Dojo sector for training new players, and a King of the Hill sector! Have fun playing :)

Galcon 2ScreenSnapz165

Also, Nubbin just had her babies!


Have fun playing!

Galcon 2 – Easter update!

April 3rd, 2015

Ahoy there, a new update is in the game! This time with Easter ships and an Easter ship type. Also a new game mode called “Vortex” that involved all the planets being drawn into a black hole!

Galcon 2ScreenSnapz163

Have fun!!

Galcon 2 – St. Patrick’s day mega-update!

March 12th, 2015

Ahoy there! A lot of new things in this update! There’s some new ship shapes, a new trophy, AND new ship classes! The ship classes are Fighter which makes ships battle in mid-air and a St.Patty class which makes all players be one of a dozen shades of green!

Galcon 2ScreenSnapz161

I hope you have a great time playing with the new features!

P.S. I’ve been working on the Galaxy Map feature lately. Check it out:

Galcon 2 – Valentine’s week and new Eliminator sector!

February 10th, 2015

Hey y’all! Some new Galcon 2 stuff to check out :) There’s a whole new sector called “Eliminator” that structures 1v1 games into a bracket with many people playing at the same time. There’s also a bunch of Valentine’s goodies and some sweet new ships!


Have fun!

Galcon 2 – DISCO MONTH (1.1.0)

January 24th, 2015

Hey everyone! It’s been a great launch month, and I hope you’ve had a ton of fun playing Galcon 2! Here’s what’s new since launch:


– DISCO MONTH! We’ve got some great new trophies, cosmetics, AND a sweet new game mode: Billiards!

– Major update of the Comm section to support clan chat, news items, and replies. /r to reply and /c for clan chat.

– Major update of the Clans to give Leaders the ability to limit their Chiefs. You can even give members custom titles.

– Major update of Custom servers and Tournaments. You can now /ban and /kick players. And in tournaments you can /send players to other tournament rooms for multi-room tournaments.

– Players can now rate tournaments, and see a detailed log of past tournaments hosted by a player.

Have fun!

Galcon 2 – Launched on iOS!

December 18th, 2014

Ahoy there! Galcon 2 has finally launched on the iOS App Store!

Thanks again for all your support! I hope you have fun!

Galcon 2 – Desktop / Steam Launch!

December 5th, 2014

Ahoy there, after almost TWO years, we’ve finally made it! Galcon 2 is launching on Desktop / Steam today! Galcon 2 is Free-to-play with In-App-Purchases. You can get it for Steam here, or directly here for PC/Mac/Linux/Android.

It has been a great couple of years, and I really really appreciate all the help the community gave towards making this game possible. I want to give a special thanks to the benefactors: Synozeer, Evan Rattner, Starkonja, Milagre, Strom, Mark Green, newpoweR,Eric “Guitee” Guite, Tom “Tomatzo” Andreae, Chris Paras, Gareth Jenkins, Mafl, Bas Hendrickx, Pittsburgh – Go Steelers!, dsent, tav, Mom and Dad, Langoulant, tinny, MARKUSON, Logan C. Espey.

And a special thanks to the community regulars: esparano, marky1991, chi-ro, tycho2, zamrai, KlR4, medeman, KylerCA, dart, tim_saxton, melek, sidekick, neverwins, guitee, black5535, hollander, sky_lark, LjuboM, terces, mafl, xStatiCa, tinny, cj64, concretewave, coolhwip, nse_monsta.

To go along with this launch I’ve updated the game with a new co-op campaign mode as well as a bunch of fun holiday goodies, like these sweet Santa trophies!

Hope to see you online!!


P.S. The iOS version has been submitted to Apple! I can’t promise anything, but I sure hope to see it released before Christmas!

Galcon 2 – Thanksgiving Update – 1.0.5

November 24th, 2014

Hey there! Just a quick update before the holiday, ready for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. iOS Testflight will be mailed out shortly.

A few things fixed in this build:

– Improvements to tournament and clan features
– Steam beta launch
– Fixed server sync issues
– Fixed other misc bugs

The main reason for this update was to tell you about the special Thanksgiving features this week! You can buy drumstick shaped ships and host turkey tournaments all week! Be sure to check ’em out!


Have fun!

P.S. CentOS 7 server also available here.

Galcon 2 – 1.0.3+4 – Polish & Auto-Updates

November 14th, 2014

Ahoy there, 1.0.4 is now available on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. iOS / TestFlight users will get an email shortly.

1.0.4: I fixed a whole passel of bugs today, so I decided to quick push out a new build for ya! Main fixes are: fixed audio crackling when volume is 100. Fixed a handful of minor tournament related bugs. Changed how the chat slider works, so less people should have trouble with it.

1.0.3: It’s only been a few days since the last update, but I wanted to get these changes out before the weekend. Lots of polish here:

trumpet– Added automatic sync of new images, sounds during login. You can see this in action in the login news! I’ll be able to use this to do small updates of the game without having to do new builds and re-approval on all platforms.
– Added a tournament trophy fanfare and display of tournament results when they are awarded.
– Good Game coin balance listed in the chat log after you give a Good Game.
– Further attempts at fixing graphic glitches with some video cards. Do post if you have any problems (or if you had problems and they are fixed now!)
– Fixed the g2.state = “menu” bug that most mods were crashing from.
– Fixed the box select graphics so they don’t look awful.
– Updated the server list with better organization and more room.
– Improved layout in tournament stats pages, and all pages that displayed the galaxy map.
– Improved speed of login.
– Changed “Vitality Points” back to “Experience Points”

Do post in the forums and feedback or comments! Thanks to everyone who has been helping out! I’m really excited to launch this game more widely soon!

Have fun!

Galcon 2 – 1.0.2 – Performance and Tournaments

November 11th, 2014

Ahoy there, another Galcon 2 update has arrived! Anyone can get it for Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android. iOS / TestFlight users will be emailed shortly.

Galcon 2ScreenSnapz139
Here are the most exciting new features:

– Added Video Quality option, so on low-end devices you can select “Good” instead of “Best” for an increase of up to 1.5x in frame-rate (by my tests on my older devices.)
– Added Summary, Matches, and Log view of stats for tournaments.
– Fixed graphics bugs where textures wouldn’t load properly on some Windows 8 systems.
– Optimization to the graphics and audio loops.

Galcon 2ScreenSnapz138
And here are the rest of the tiny changes:

– Re-enabled CTRL-H to disable the HUD.
– Changed default co-op game sizes to 3/6.
– Made pause / chat buttons less likely to be toggled accidentally.
– Made right-click UI more consistent with drag-n-drop UI.
– Only show news once per play session.
– Changed audio so that /surrender isn’t so loud.
– Fixed standoff detection.
– Decreased time between end of game and lobby.
– Stop logging games after a trophy has been awarded in a tournament.

Have fun! Do post in the forums with any feedback you have!

P.S. There is an easter egg in this build. I’ve already given one hint in the forums “TILDE” … I’ll give another hint here: “Works on all platforms.”