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Galcon + Sound = AWESOME+1

Thanks to everyone who’s bought and played the game and left a review! Also thanks to touch arcade for writing a review of Galcon. So far there have been two main requests that I’ve seen in the reviews:

Where’s the Sound?!!

I had some technical trouble getting sound working originally, but thanks to all your pleading I was able to figure out how to get sound to work in Galcon. It now has the sound effects that have always been an important part of the Galcon experience. I’m still not planning on adding music, as I’d rather listen to my iPod tunes. Quick usage tip: if you want to adjust the volume of your music, or skip to the next track WHILE playing Galcon, just double tap the Home button and the iPod brings up a dialog box to let you do just that!

(I’ve just uploaded this update to the Apple dev site, so it may be a few days before they approve it. So you’ll have to suffer soundlessly for a little bit more.)

We want Multi-Player!!

Indeed, multi-player was one of the things that made the shareware version of Galcon such a hit! And I totally can’t wait to get it on the iPhone :) But I think it’ll be a few months before I can really get around to that. It will not connect with the shareware version of Galcon, primarily because the play-field size is so different, it wouldn’t really work out. (Shareware Galcon handles around 65 planets on screen during a good MP match, the iPhone can only handle about 25 planets on screen.)

Thanks for all your reviews and comments!

22 Responses to “Galcon + Sound = AWESOME+1”

  1. Jt Hollister Says:

    Ah, thanks for doing the sound! Can’t wait for that update.

    Also, I understand why you can’t make the MP connectable with the Shareware. I was thinking you could make it possible to move around the screen, but now that I think about it I don’t think the game would be very playable without being able to see the whole field at once.

    But I’m hoping enough people get hooked up with the iPhone version that there will be people online most of the time :)

  2. Tim T Says:

    Regarding the iPhone Ver. of Galcon.
    So…. since the Sound FX will be fixed soon, how about releasing the Original Soundtrack to those who purchased the game so they can listen to it while they play eh? Seems like a good solution to me.

  3. Jt Hollister Says:

    Hey, just thought of something that would be very nice to have! How about a select all planets by double tapping one? Just a thought :)

  4. greg Says:

    can’t wait for the SFX’s
    I love the idea of double tapping on a planet to select all planets
    Can we also get a simple little storyline mode in there perhaps?
    Or at least a campaign mode that’ll automatically rank, promote & demote player
    Job VERY well done by the way =)

  5. Major M Says:

    Do you plan on adding the cool modes that the desktop version has… I’m now toying with the idea of purchasing the desktop version. $$ is the only thing holding me back.

  6. R.S. Says:

    I want this game so bad.. i just don’t have $9.99 :(
    any chance the price will be lowered to maybe $5?

  7. Philip A. Shane Says:

    man, this game is great. thanks so much for making it! how many games would still be so awesome without sound??? that’s a testament to it’s excellence. :-)

  8. Jt Hollister Says:

    if you can’t scrounge up $10 for this app you don’t deserve to have it! You could probably get that much scrounging through your couch! Phil deserves to get paid for his work and $10 is a bargain.

  9. galcon fan Says:

    Phil, still no Galcon-w/t-sound update in the ITunes store. Does it normally take this long? Can’t wait to get the new version. Thanks for a fun game.

  10. admin Says:

    I think it takes a few days for Apple to review each update.

  11. greg Says:

    a testament to how good this game is
    I missed several stops on my train the other day on my way to go catch the new Batman movie =D LOL!
    I can barely wait for the sound FX update
    Oh and of course hopefully a campaign mode that starts you off at the bottom and promotes you as it challenges you with new maps, and higher ranks on a universe conquering quest
    Also it would be great to have an allinance option in he pause menu. The AI or other players can accept or deny then honor or betray e/o the more one betrays the less likely their requests will be aknowledged or honored =)

  12. Chase Says:

    Where’s the update? It’s been five days. :(

  13. admin Says:

    On Apple’s site it still says it’s in review :( Hopefully they’ll get to it soon.

  14. Clapp! Says:

    Multiplayer between iPhones will be cool. At least in LAN. Please 😀

  15. tommy Says:

    hey. Let me say this is an awesome game. Bed I’ve played by far. I was however hoping that on the iPhone you could add a feature that let’s you select all the planets. Or preferably a mass select tool that’s a little more precise. I have two possible ideas. 1: have the equilibant of a ‘shift’ button in the upper left hand corner that, while pressed would you could only highlight green planets (preferably in broad swipes with the thumb instead of having to Hunt and peck each individual planet). Idea 2: you can use he pinching motion to make a ‘select’ box similar to the mass select in games like Starcraft. Any way you do it. It would make gameplay much smoother

    Ps. Sorry for any mistakes or lack of properly developed senteces. I just typed this out on the iPhone. Thanks again

  16. Eng Says:

    I just played with my headphones in (I usually play without), and I was wondering where the sound was, it’s nice to know that you are updating what is probably the best game on the app store ^_^

  17. Kriv Says:

    Great game, put a review on iTunes.

  18. Gavin Says:

    Sound is out and it’s great, thanks! Any chance of you putting that music track up for download like you mentioned in the video? I really would like to play to that.

  19. Derek Says:

    If you could manage multiplayer games over edge/3g for iphone-iphone competition this game would excel from great to absolutely excellent.

    Keep up the great work.

  20. Oliver Says:

    When I heard the sound in the new version, my first reaction was: “is this a joke?”. Sounds like someone makes “pttju” and “pruchh” with his mouth. Regarding sound and regarding the conquer-the-universe-approach of Galcon I had something different in my mind than that.

    Of course it’s kinda funny, but these sound effects could have also been added to Dizzy Bee without sounding alien in this game, while for example in Battlestar Galactica they would be a bit wrong in place.

    It would be nice to have something more dark and more monumental.

    Just my two cents ;).

  21. Oliver Says:

    I don’t think that multiplayer over EDGE will work, because it will laaaaaaag. A few days ago I tried to play 4inarow via EDGE. It worked. But after each turn there was a gap of about 5 seconds. Now imagine this in a realtime game like Galcon…

  22. :p atrick Says:

    Hey, Phil. I left a review on iTunes. I love the game!

    But I like the music from the shareware version. It’s really nice. Do you think you can add it in? I don’t use my iPhone for it’s iPod. Ironically, I only use it for business. And I wonder why my productivity has gone down…

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