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Galcon for iPhone now has 2-player servers

Hey – due to popular demand, I’ve implemented 2-player servers for Galcon for the iPhone / iPod Touch.  Now when you sign into find games, the maximum number of users will be listed next to the game server name.  For example:

“Alpha-3 3/4″ is 3 players on a 4 player server.
“Beta-1 1/2″ is 1 player on a 2 player server.

Hope you have fun with this new feature :)  Tell me how it goes!


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  1. andrew Says:

    hey by any chance in the near future you could update galcon on the ipod touch with new maps or maybe challenges and by the way this game rocks and i have show it to 5 of my friends who now have this game everyone who i show this game to likes it.

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