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Galcon for Android has ARRIVED!

Hey, it’s been a wild ride, but the Android edition of Galcon has ARRIVED!



Have some fun! Be sure to tell your Android toting friends that this is the real deal! This now puts Galcon available on about 70 new types of phones! Crazy!


P.S. If the links don’t work, just search for “GALCON” in the store :)

P.S.S. I’ve updated the links so they should work now :) Thanks to everyone who emailed me how to do that!

21 Responses to “Galcon for Android has ARRIVED!”

  1. gasten Says:

    I cant find it through the link. Still åt approval, or server cache problem? Still, cant Waig! :)

  2. admin Says:

    Hmn, just try searching for “Galcon” in the store :)


  3. gasten Says:

    Hmm… could it be because the pay-store hasn’t arrived to Sweden yet?

  4. kmf Says:

    Still waiting … .nothing yet … it’s paid for … so I can’t buy it South Africa any other … methods of getting it ?

  5. null Says:

    Getting a 404 when following the market link too. Might want to take that down for the time being? Search from my phone worked fine though.

    How about a “Galcon Lite” version? Not everyone has a credit card, me for example (relatively few people do outside of the US actually), so I can’t even try it. Google’s thinking about integrating PayPal, but that’s gonna take some time…

  6. null Says:

    …also, that’d allow people w/o the “pay-store” (eg Sweden as mentioned above) to experience it, then buy it once the Google overlords finally allow them to give you money.

  7. Humper Says:

    Can’t be found on HTC wildfire in Finland.

  8. Jonathan Says:

    Can an android phone play galcon against an itouch?

  9. RebelXT Says:

    downloaded last night and power leveled myself back into blue ranks. the game works great, just like iphone version. thanks, Phil, now I own each and every version of Galcon ever released! 😉

  10. jacob Says:

    I can’t get the QR code to work (The requested item could not be found), and it doesn’t come up when I search for it in the market. I’m using a motorola cliq if it makes any difference.

  11. philhassey Says:

    Hey, I’ve updated the links above. Sorry the game isn’t available in more countries :( Maybe Google will expand further in the future!

    http://www.appbrain.com/app/com.galcon.igalcon – this link seems to work.


  12. Jonathan Says:

    To answer my own question, wifi play b/t the android and itouch apps does not work. Shame.

  13. philhassey Says:

    @Jonathan – yes it does .. all the players on-line are iPhone players, generally.

    Are you having trouble playing a Local / LAN game?


  14. The Secret Pie: Galcon for Android available now! Says:

    […] that involves a lot of strategy. It is available on any desktop platform, on the iPhone and now – on Android! The best thing in Galcon is the multiplayer! There are some really epic battles (still lasting […]

  15. philhassey Says:

    To Swype users:

    The delete key in Swype doesn’t work for some reason. To enter your username and password turn off Swype and turn on the normal Android keyboard and enter your info that way.

    I’m contacting Swype to see if I can find out a way to get this fixed either within Swype or within Galcon. But this workaround should help in the meantime.


  16. Thotep Says:

    If you can’t buy apps on Android Market in your country, read this post: http://www.thesecretpie.com/2010/08/how-to-buy-apps-on-android-market-in.html.

  17. Pac Says:

    Impossible to get hands on :(

  18. samantha Says:

    Hi, will this be made available free at some point like it was on the iPhone?

  19. philhassey Says:

    “Galcon” was never made free on the iPhone, only “Galcon Labs” was.


  20. free proxy site Says:

    you can search for the free iphone version on appstore or this is another version?

  21. matmathijs Says:

    Hello is there anny way you are going to release landscape mode on adroid galcon?

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