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Galcon Labs FREE – This Weekend Only!!


As part of the “Community Restoration and Rejuvenation Act” I’ve changed the price of Galcon Labs for the iPhone to FREE for the weekend! This is a great opportunity for you to get all your friends in on the Galcon multi-player frenzy! So Go GO GO! Twitter about it! Facebook about it! Email about it! Get the word out!



10 Responses to “Galcon Labs FREE – This Weekend Only!!”

  1. roy Says:

    So unfair! Why can’t Android users get this for free as well?!

  2. jarl Says:

    agree with roy, uncool :(

  3. g123k Says:

    As roy & jarl, why not doing the same with the Android version ?

  4. philhassey Says:

    This game isn’t even on the Android yet! I might be porting it later this year.


  5. Sid Says:

    Phil, uh yes it is…. http://androidforums.com/android-games/72224-galcon-android-i-found.html I wish there was a demo…

  6. Mr.Wolf Says:

    Galcon is in the android app store.. there has been hype on this website for it and everything. I’ve been debating buying it but if it were free then definitely not only would I download but I would surely spread the news around to the other android and iphone owners I know.. “))

    Not to be cheap, I’m willing to buy it as is everyone else I’m sure. Situation just seems a little unfair

  7. philhassey Says:

    “Galcon Labs” isn’t the same as “Galcon” .. Galcon Labs is not available on any platform other than iPhone.

    I’d know, I’m the dev 😉


  8. Skipjimroo Says:

    @Phil *slow claps*

    Now that you’ve got that small victory on Sid under your belt, kindly remove your finger from your bum and produce a demo version of Galcon for the Android marketplace!

    And would a landscape mode kill you? Jiminy Christmas…

  9. Alex Says:

    I am disappointed that Galcon is free for iPhone users and not Android users. Regardless of the “Galcon” and “Galcon Labs” distinction, the game is the same, and as a purchaser of the iPhone “Galcon” and now android user I can say with ease I feel that you (the very all knowing developer) either didn’t care about the community that made you the money on the iPhone platform that allows you the ego to be so cutting to those who bother to read your trite blog by not providing the same level of support and kindness to those of us who liked your game and then transferred over to the android community, or you have no idea what your name (Hassey Enterprises, INC) is being used for. The former makes you ignorant to the technology tends in the cell phone market which your game is formatted for; the latter makes you a moron for not watching your on properties. As an incorporated company, you should have a legal team or a lawyer at the very least watching for the use of your name in this space. Either way you have failed your community. I am disappointed by your position on this, and don’t kid yourself on the name change. It was just that, a name change.

  10. Nanno Says:

    Alex, “Galcon” is not free for the iPhone users. Only Galcon Labs (Galcon’s less popular cousin) was available for free on iPhone. Phil thought it might give that “dead” app a boost (and it did). Unfortunately, Phil did not have time to port Galcon Labs to the Android. Had he done so, I’m sure he would have made it available for free to Android users during this time. We’re sorry that you are unhappy with your $2.99 purchase of Galcon (original) for your Droid phone, but rest assured that all iPhone users who want to play Galcon (original) must also buy it for the same price.

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