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Galcon Fusion comes to Mac App Store and Mega-Sale!!


Galcon Fusion is available now on the Mac App Store at the amazing launch price of 99c – that’s 90% off the regular desktop price!

I’m also doing a Mega-Sale across many of the other versions of Galcon! Be part of the “Galcon Community Rejuvenation Project” and help get the word out about this Mega-Sale:

Galcon Fusion for the Mac – 99c – Regularly $9.99

Galcon Fusion for the iPad – 99c – Regularly $4.99

Galcon for the iPhone – 99c – Regularly $2.99

Galcon Labs for the iPhone – 99c – Regularly $2.99

Galcon for Android – 99c – Regularly $2.99

Have fun playing!

4 Responses to “Galcon Fusion comes to Mac App Store and Mega-Sale!!”

  1. Ryan Powell Says:

    Grabbed the Mac App Store version (even though I already had it on Steam), and left the first review. Hopefully this one gets some momentum in the market!

  2. Christopher Says:

    Unfortunately, if those players choose to go online and play multiplayer, especially in the “Team” rooms, they’ll be driven off very quickly by the narcissistic players intent on mocking and insulting anyone who doesn’t immediately play like an expert. These players are terribly abusive, and have ruined a wonderful game.

  3. philhassey Says:

    If there are trouble making users, please report the incidents on the forums or via a PM to nanno. I really don’t want the game ruined for anyone by abusive players. We do work pretty hard to keep them at a minimum.


  4. Christopher Says:

    If the admins don’t do anything about it, the system is already broken. Reporting it on the forums will simply subject one to more abuse. I’ll try to figure out how to send a PM to nanno.

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