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Galcon 2: Nine days to go, we need your support!

Okay, folks! We’re getting down to the line here. We’ve only got 9 days to go, so we’re nearing the final push! Nanno, our community manager, just made a video to tell you why she’s excited about Galcon 2. You can watch it here.

If you’ve got any questions for Nan or Phil about Galcon 2, please post them in the comments of the video. Also, start telling your friends to back the Galcon 2 Kickstarter. It isn’t going to happen if we don’t reach our goal, and we’ve got a ways to go yet!


One Response to “Galcon 2: Nine days to go, we need your support!”

  1. Daan Says:

    Unfortunatly it looks like it won’t make it.
    I would pay some amount, though, to get a decent update on the current galcon. Maybe start something like that?

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