Galcon 2 Fan-Premier Launch for PC/Mac/Linux/Android! Now anyone can check out Galcon 2!

Galcon 2: The beta has begun!

Okay folks! The game is ready for beta-madness to begin!

Check it out here. You’ll need to download the game, create a GALCON.COM account (if you don’t have one) and then activate your account to play.

Stuff to check out:

- Try different options in mod_classic, you can have huge maps with tons of planets!
- Try scrolling (hold down middle mouse button)
- Try zooming in/out (press any mouse button and use the scroll wheel)
- Try modding the game!! (Inside the game package is mod_classic.lua, copy that file and start hacking!)

I’ve got the private forums set up now, so I really am looking forward to getting some feedback and discussion going there. Here are some things I want to hear back about:

- Do the classic controls work good for you?
- What do you think of larger maps, scrolling, zooming, etc?
- What did you think of the modding API?

And, as always, just talk about whatever and we’ll see what comes next in Galcon 2!

Thanks for playing!

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