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Galcon 2: Fridge magnet set update and beta-2

Thanks for trying out beta-1! Today beta-2 is available for Windows and Mac! Here’s what’s new:

– Created an object-oriented Lua style wrapper for the modders!
– Created 3D sphere rendering for the game
– Fixed a few issues with changing your %
– Changed default res to 800×600 from 1024×768, as some people were having trouble at 1024×768. Eventually I’ll have a way to pick your screen size :)
– Fixed a few other minor bugs.

It takes a bit of digging around in the forums right now, but for the brave, there are already some really cool mods getting made. So check those out too!

I spent most of my time this week working on the rendering. Here’s a recap on the journey:

The week started out pretty bare. The planets were completely invisible. Ever wonder why I haven’t added “black planets” to the game?

Got a basic texture on the planets. A nice zoom in shows some detail. This is one of the Galcon Fusion textures.

Messed around with crazier styles and pink unicorns. I bet there’s going to be a Unicorn Clan in Galcon 2.

And spent days and days making some really cool planets for the magnet set :) I still have a bit more work to go yet.

Most of that cool crazy planet stuff isn’t in the beta right now. Lots of those things are going to be sold as “cosmetic upgrades” for Galcoins in the game, and right now I really want to focus on making a solid core game. So for now, the planets have been upgraded from the plain circles, but nothing too fancy yet!

Have fun, and thanks for being part of the Galcon 2 beta!

P.S. Oh yeah, the whole point of all that is: I’ve been working on the planet rendering for the fridge magnet set! I’m almost done!

Sheet 2:

There are 101 pieces to the fridge set right now! I originally was going to do just a single 8.5×12 sheet, but decided that Galcon 2 is so epic that it DEMANDS two 8.5×11 sheets of fridge magnet awesomeness :) These are getting pretty close to what the final art is going to look like.

6 Responses to “Galcon 2: Fridge magnet set update and beta-2”

  1. http Says:

    What about an iOS beta? Or is iOS out of current scope? I can install a deb package or even manually install it if required.

  2. philhassey Says:

    Yeah, iOS is limited in how beta works. I’ll be picking a handful of iOS beta users when that time comes. (Probably not for a while yet!)


  3. Dylan Taylor Says:

    How about a Linux beta? :) Shouldn’t be too hard to port the Mac version over…

  4. philhassey Says:

    Linux will come eventually!


  5. Kenneth Says:

    I know its late but can i buy the fridge magnet set? It looks awsome!!

  6. philhassey Says:

    Kenneth – contact me via support and we may be able to get you set up!


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