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Dynamite Jack in Humble Bundle with Android!

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Hey! I’ve just completed porting Dynamite Jack to Android! You can get it right now in the Humble Bundle with Android!

If you’re new to the Humble Bundles, they offer several games in a bundle and you can pay what you want for a bunch of great indie games! Dynamite Jack is along side Dungeon Defenders, Super Hexagon, Beat Hazard Ultra, Solar 2, and NightSky HD. You can grab all these games on Android, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android for just a few bucks!

Also, we’ll be announcing a new Dynamite Jack maps contest with Dynamite Maps very soon, so sharpen up your map making skills to win some sweet prizes! Check back in the forums or in the Community Maps section of the game for details in a day or so.


P.S. Galcon 2 had it’s first multiplayer game this past Saturday! For now, the beta is closed to Kickstarter backers only, but you can read the progress so far on the Galcon blog .

Dynamite Jack – now Universal for iPhone – with special promotion

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Ahoy there! I’ve been working all month to get you Dynamite Jack for the iPhone, and it’s a Universal update to the iPad version! You can get it here.

“Like stealth? Like explosions? You’re going to love Dynamite Jack.” – 4.5 stars, TouchArcade

“It’s not often I come across I game that I believe should be on every iPad. Dynamite Jack is one of those games.” – 4.5 stars, 148Apps

“There are some games that you can instantly tell are going to be good, and Dynamite Jack is one of them.” – 4.5 stars, Apple’N’Apps

If that’s not enough to convince you, I’m also running special 48 hour promotion – buy the iOS version and you get the desktop version as a free download! This will also work for owners of the iPad version. If you already have the desktop version, give your bonus code to a friend!

iOS Promo

Anyway, check it out! I hope you enjoy it!


P.S. I’m still considering the Android port of this game. If you are interested in an Android version, please post a message in this thread to show your support.

Dynamite Jack for iPad is live!

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Hey y’all,

Dynamite Jack for iPad is now available on the iPad App Store :)

“Like stealth? Like explosions? You’re going to love Dynamite Jack.” – 4.5 stars, TouchArcade

The iPad edition includes retina support, Game Center features, virtual joystick, line-drawing controls, and it’s iCade compatible! The map editor, community sharing, and the full campaign are all included.

Have fun playing!


Dynamite Jack – Mac App Store & Map Creator Contest!

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Ahoy there,

Dynamite Jack has just arrived on the Mac App Store :)

And right now Dynamite Maps (a fan community site) is hosting a contest to create the best “SPACE” themed map!

Even if you aren’t into creating maps, you can help out by playing all the new maps that get created as part of the community judging :) Here’s all the info on the contest.


P.S. I’m working hard on an iPad release of the game! Stay tuned for that!

Dynamite Jack on Steam and PC/Mac/Linux DRM-free

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Hey there! Dynamite Jack is available now! The store on my website gets you a DRM-Free copy of the game for Windows / Mac / Linux AND a Steam code (Windows / Mac).

If you want to learn more about the development of Dynamite Jack, I’ve done dev blogs about it over the past month.


Galcon.com Presents: Dynamite Jack Trailer

Friday, April 13th, 2012

Hey everybody! I’ve got a game coming out in May for PC / Mac.

Check out the website / trailer!

Be one of the first to Like the facebook page or follow the Twitter! I’ll be posting a ton of interesting stuff about the game over the next few weeks!