Galcon 2 launched on Desktop and Steam and the iOS App Store!

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Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

Hey there,

I just launched a new game, BREAKFINITY, on the iOS App Store!

Anyway, it’s a free game, so go check it out!


P.S. Galcon 2 is very much in the works. I just signed with an artist to help me get it looking sharp, I should have some pictures soon!

Chickon for iOS has Arrived! Galcon with Chickens and Robots!

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Okay folks .. it’s been a while. We spent the earlier part of this year moving to a new house and getting settled in, and somewhere in there I had this crazy idea “haha wouldn’t it be funny if I made a version of Galcon with chickens in it cause everyone plays all those poultry oriented games, haha, I’ll make it in a week.” Yeah, well, SIX MONTHS later, it’s finally here!

Chickon is a free-to-play romp of total silliness in the land of Chickontopia! Check out the totally sweet trailer – it’s worth seeing even if you don’t have an iOS device:

And then get the free app for your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad.

Hope you get a good laugh out of it! Be sure to tell your friends and poultry loving acquaintances.


New Game! The Invasion of the Blobs

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Available FREE on iPhone / iPad / PC / OS X / Linux.

Have fun!

Robot Wants Kitty for iPhone (and other news!)

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Hey, so a friend of mine made this awesome flash game called Robot Wants Kitty .. and then that game got ported to the iPhone / iPod touch. And the port is even BETTER than the original!

I’m going to say right here right now that you should buy this iPhone game immediately! It’s $0.99, so it won’t break the bank. It’s a killer fun side-scroller which has gotten all 5-star reviews (except from people who have iOS 3.x on their device). If you want a second opinion, touchArcade really liked it too. So, yeah, support the awesome independent developer, (who I might mention appears in the credits of every single Galcon game as “Mike Hommel.”)

Anyway, again, you can get it HERE.


P.S. There’s a Galcon Fusion tournament on April 1st!
P.S.S. If you like Galcon Flash, you might want to keep an eye on this blog.

Galcon Fusion in the App Store, iGalcon update, and a freebie game!

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010


The iPad launched today, and Galcon Fusion is ready for it! The iPad version is fully multiplayer compatible with the desktop versions, so if you have an iPad or know anyone who has an iPad or know anyone who is thinking about iPads, it’s time to buy Galcon Fusion!


Also, a good friend of mine has launched his game “Smiles” onto the App Store. It’s a super slick Match-3 game and it’s FREE today only! Get it while it’s hot!

-Phil & Nanno

P.S. the iPhone Galcon update got approved, I hope that fixes all the issues! Please update ASAP. Galcon Labs is still pending approval, but about a day after it gets approved, I’m going to require updates to play the multi-player so that all the users are playing together again :)

Galcon Fusion for Windows / Mac OS X / Linux / Steam has arrived

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Galcon Fusion has arrived.

Yay, it’s finally here! Check out Galcon Fusion today! We’ve got a free demo and it works on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Steam! It features some crazy nice hi-res graphics and soundtrack. And epic multi-player battles like you’ve never seen ’em before! Have fun!

-Phil & Nanno

P.S. Did you buy Classic Galcon or Galcon Flash? Thanks! You are awesome, and because you are awesome, your purchase of those games count as pre-orders of Galcon Fusion! That’s right – you already own the game! Get in there and play it!

P.S.S. Want to help me out? Spread the word! Play the game! That’ll make my day :)

Get Ready for Galcon Fusion – for PC / Mac / Linux!

Friday, January 29th, 2010
Galcon Fusion Poster

Introducing Galcon Fusion, the long-awaited update to desktop Galcon! Now with improved HD graphics, a full soundtrack, and a variety of exciting new multi-player modes! Galcon Fusion is set to launch February 11 on Steam and on our website for PC / Mac / Linux.

Check out the trailer!

– Phil & Nanno

Merry Christmas – Free game from – Elephants!

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Our gift to you: A totally FREE iPhone game! I made this game several years ago with some other way-cool game-dev friends. In “Elephants!” you save the giraffes while jumping on a rolled up squirrel! More fun than a barrel of pigeons! For Christmas this year I figured I’d port it over to the iPhone for you :) Check it out!

Galcon Labs super awesome Galcon sequel on App Store!!

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Finally it’s here!  Buy it now!

Really, with 4 totally new single and multi-player missions, it’s a pretty kickin’ time :)  I’ll be playing a good deal the next few days, so I hope to see you on the games!

For more screenshots and other goodies, go here.


Galcon Flash is here

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

There’s not a whole lot to say, since all you have to do is click on it to play it NOW!  Really, Galcon is an amazing Realtime multi-player game .. IN FLASH!  With 100’s of servers, we’re ready to expand to 1000’s of simultaneous users playing the game!  The game allows for anonymous non-paying users to play the game, so it should be great for n00b stomping.  (All n00bs get the name “n00b-23432″ or something like that.)

Anyway, have a blast playing it!  Also, buying Galcon and Flash Galcon is the same thing .. I dropped the price to 7.95 for the launch of this, since Galcon has been out for almost 3 years now.  Hopefully this will also kick some more life into the Classic Galcon community again!