Galcon 2 – beta16 – Earn some coins, then gamble them away!

July 23rd, 2013

Ahoy there, this is a mini-update! There’s no new game to download, this update is only on my server. I’ve just added the ability to earn coins by playing the game .. as well as the ability to gamble them away! So sign on and check it out. These are the new commands:

/bet N

The game takes a cut of each bet to go towards the trophy that is awarded. You can’t see the trophies yet, but you can see a total of your recent winnings in the players list in the lobby. I’ll be online for about an hour if anyone wants to try it out with me!

Have fun!

Galcon 2 – beta15 – Buy a trapezoid, why don’tcha?!

July 11th, 2013

Ahoy there, beta15 is live! Get it for Windows, Mac, Linux. Testflight for iOS will be emailed shortly!

It’s been about 3 weeks since the last beta, and a TON has happened. Lots of improvements to the modding system (ask me on the forums if you want to know more!) Added some really nice scrolling enhancement to the lobby, as well as fixed the balance of several classes. A MAJOR overhaul of the MMO server codebase. Added a frenzy mode, now each star has its own mode, so find the frenzy star and check it out! And lastly, added the Galcon store! You can buy classes and cosmetic ship shapes there.

A few comments on the store – I’ve given everyone 10k Galcoins. These are not the Galcoins you paid for in the Kickstarter, these are just beta coins. Which means, for the next beta or so I’ll probably be resetting how many you have spent, what you bought, how you earn new coins, how many coins equal one dollar etc. (Right now you can’t earn coins. Nor can you buy more coins.) I’m eager to hear feedback about this on the forums. It’s important to me to do a good job with the coins system.

For those who have been patiently waiting for their physical rewards, thank you! It’s definitely more difficult than we thought to get these things made, but we made a big step forward this past week, as we got the posters printed and the wrap for the box printed. Delivery of the poster tier will commence as soon as we can!

Thanks for supporting Galcon 2. Have fun checking out beta15! I’ll be online for the next hour or so, so sign in and tell me what you think!!!


Galcon 2 – beta14 – Experiment with Classes!

June 21st, 2013

Our other Galcon Goat, Nibbles (from my Nan’s goat bath video) had her kid just a few days ago! Her name is Nubbin! Goats are fun!

And, there’s a new beta out for all the backers! Windows, Mac, Linux. TestFlight iOS testers will be emailed shortly.

beta14 includes a ton of great stuff:

- Major overhaul of the iOS game interface. Please give it another go and tell me if I got it right yet.

- Some deep bug fixing. There have been quite a few Windows 7 crash complaints, please tell me if I fixed them. I’ve been unable to reproduce them on my own computer, so it’s a bit of shooting in the dark.

- And .. CLASSES! Now when you sign onto a server click on the Class name and change your class and try out the different options. I’m really excited to see how some of these play out. They are 100% unbalanced, so it’ll definitely be a raw experience.

As always, please post your comments to the forums. I read everything!!

Thanks for being part of Galcon 2! I’ll be online for a bit, so pop in and play!


Galcon 2 – beta13 – It’s like an MMO with Leaderboards!!!

June 15th, 2013

Hey, a ton has happened in the past two weeks. The most important being, my first baby goat “Petunia” was born! Here’s a pic, of me in my office. At the bottom right corner you can see some notes I was making about what database backend I was going to use for Galcon 2.

Also, I made a new beta of Galcon, this time with the Galaxy Map integrated with servers and leaderboards! So get out there and be the first Grand Admiral of Galcon 2!!* Backers can download it for Windows, Mac, Linux. TestFlight / iOS will get email notifications shortly.

Here’s a picture of the new lobby system on a screen size that’s smaller than an iPhone:

Have fun!

* Leaderboards subject to reset without notice. Also, leaderboard algorithm is going to be changed over time. That’s why it’s called a “beta”. Though, let’s be honest, this is more of an “alpha”.

Galcon 2 – beta12 – Galaxy Map Prototype!!

June 1st, 2013

Get ready – beta12 is now available for backers on Windows, Mac, and Linux. iOS TestFlight people can go to TestFlight and grab the latest build in a few minutes.

The thing I’m most excited about in this build is the addition of the Galaxy Map. It’s in prototype stage right now, so you can’t join servers, or do anything – really, but you can play with the interface a bit.

I had a lot of fun working on this, and I’m hoping to make it connect to servers very soon! So give it a try and tell me what you think.

I also fixed a million bugs. If you are an iOS player, a lot of the stuff you reported got fixed. Chat works considerably better. Be sure to keep re-reporting bugs to the forums as you come across them though!

Thanks for playing! Have fun!

Galcon 2 – beta11 – Ultracon & bricks & more!

May 18th, 2013

Ahoy there, beta11 is ready for backers to download! Get it for Windows, Mac, or Linux. TestFlight users will get an email shortly with the latest build.

This build includes a ton of bug fixes for your favorite bugs, as well as the Ultracon mod by medeman and a Bricks mod by me. I’m getting close to being able to put together a rough edition of the Galaxy Map / MMO portions of Galcon 2, and the Bricks mod was a way for me to test out the basic code I need to add more interactive “menus” / “mini-games” to Galcon 2.

We were able to sent out some of the magnet sets this week! We’ve already gotten some pictures back in! International orders will take longer, and higher tiers are being shipped a bit later so we can combine on shipping. Here’s Kyle’s fridge:

If you want to test the game out with me, I’ll be on the g2s1 server for an hour or so :)


Galcon 2 – beta10 – Game UI overhaul

May 10th, 2013

Ahoy there, another build is ready for backers on Windows, Mac, Linux. TestFlight folks will get emails shortly with a new build too!

Particularly cool additions are left-handed mode, and real portrait orientation support! Some options like “color-blind mode” and “multi-touch mode” are listed in the Controls, but they aren’t implemented yet. Please check out the Settings / Controls and try out settings and find your favorite!

Funny dev bug:

This build largely fixes a ton of iOS related issues and overhauls the in-game user interface. I tried to fix most of the issues reported! Please give it a whirl, I’ll be online for a bit on the server if anyone wants to hang out! Please post on the forums if you have any comments.

Also, the magnet sets are all pretty much packaged and shipping will begin to all the $25 backers next week! I’m holding off on higher tiers because we’re going to try and combine shipping with the box sets. Thanks for your patience!


Galcon 2 – beta9 – iOS beta, Linux beta, and more options!

April 12th, 2013

Hey there! Another swell Galcon 2 beta is available for Kickstarter backers on Windows, Mac, Linux (Ubuntu 12.04), and for a select few, iOS!

I’ve set up a server for Galcon 2 finally, you can try out multiplayer by clicking Play, then Client, then “Quick Join g2s1″ . Other players are hosting modded servers as well, and you can get info about those in the forums.

Linux users who have an Ubuntu 12.04 compatible OS can check it out finally! Also, if you want to run a server on any OS you can now run Galcon 2 with the command line options “-headless -mod path/to/mod_server.lua” to start up a headless server.

I’ve added a ton of new options to the Controls tab in Settings. Check them out and customize your Galcon 2 controls to your preference. Be sure to stop by the forums and tell me which settings you like the best.

And on the Kickstarter reward front, Nan has started packing the fridge magnet sets! Watch for a survey in the mail to fill in your address. To save on shipping, we’re packing the box set with the magnets, so those will be delayed a bit (I hope that’s okay! It means more of the KS funds will be used for the game instead of just for postage.) Here’s a packaging action shot:

P.S. If you want to join in on the iOS beta, keep checking these announcements, and in the Galcon 2 forums. I’ll be inviting a second wave of beta testers sometime in the future.

Galcon 2 – beta8 – rewards update, video options, and more!

April 6th, 2013

Yo! Another beta is ready for you to play! Kickstarter backers can download it for Windows or Mac. Linux users: I spent some time this week preparing the game for Linux, so someday this will be ready! My main goal with Linux is to have it work “headless” so you can run servers on Linux (but also play on Linux.)

I will be hanging out on the forums/chat this morning, so hopefully we can do some group play-testing of the game!

Little update on the Kickstarter rewards: getting rewards together is pretty involved! But we’re making progress, we have all the magnet sets in, and we’re getting in most of the packing materials, and whatnot. So pretty soon we’re going to be able to start sending these items out! I can’t wait for you to see them in person! We also got in a ton of poster tubes, and we’re currently working with a box company to get the box set details sorted out.

New features this time include video options, so now you can go fullscreen or windowed in any res you want. There is also a “Size” option where you can pick how large your screen is. Small simulates how the game will look on phones, medium/large on tablets. Huge for big HD desktops (other desktops may prefer medium/large.)

Another feature I’ve added is the ability for modders to use vector art in their menus, this means they could add in really slick looking post-game power-graphs/charts. Nobody has implemented this, but I hope to see some cool use of this feature soon!

Lastly, thanks to everyone’s bug reports, I’ve included over twenty bug fixes. Just to give you a bit of a peek at what goes on while I’m making games, this is how I track what I’ve done in the past week:

== beta8 ==

= 4/4/2013 =
- code: add bounds check for all id’s sent through Lua API to other functions.
- removed boring items from TODO.txt
- spaghetti: clean up the trans code so it’s not so dynamite jack oriented
- gutted view/audio/video/settings sub-systems out of game.cpp and into their own “separate” classes / files

= 4/3/2013 =
- vector drawing HTML element?
- added in vectorart support to html
- ipad version: re-require login now that we’re back from GDC (menus_mods.hpp)
- added vignette to menus background.
- menu: quit
- added background visuals to menus.
- re-worked all menus to work in any resolution, etc

= 4/2/2013 =

- settings: fullscreen
- settings: video res
- fix positioning of on-hover planet info
- mods: ability to remove planets/etc. if fleets are going to said planet, delete those fleets as well.
- mods: labels in other colors
- top of keyboard numbers don’t work on some keyboards (but did work in Galcon Fusion)
- should be able to type numbers in chat when hovering over the chat box
- dual: keep score of how many wins/losses per player
- galcon: there’s a moment in co-op where a previous send() command can come in after a round ends, but during the pause, and cause a fleet to launch early. it should ID by game or something so that doesn’t happen?
- dual: hide enemy ship numbers on your side
- turns: hide enemy ship numbers during their turns
- after pause if you typed it doesn’t resume text properly, goofs up.

= 4/1/2013 =
- mod_client not getting the HTML update between co-op rounds.
- be able to chat on pause screen
- during trans, allow keyboard presses, but NOT mouse clicks… (so chat can continue during the pause)
- have production have +80 instead of just 80 so it’s more obvious
- tab-completion of names not working on client side? (case sensitive?)
- make ping case-insensitive.
- allow single character chat

Anyway, thanks to everyone for checking out Galcon 2! I’m going to open up the iOS beta to a limited group of people pretty soon, so I’m looking for volunteers on the forums. I’m limited to a small number of players, so I can’t promise that you will be added.


Galcon 2 – beta7 – now with iPad and MORE OPTIONS!!

March 22nd, 2013

Ahoy there, beta7 is now live! Kickstarter backers can download it for Windows or Mac. Be sure to leave some feedback in the forums, your participation is a huge help!

I spent most of the week working on the iPad version of the game in preparation for GDC (the Game Developers Conference) that I’m going to this coming week. That means there won’t be a new build of the game next week.

I did a ton of work on the control options, so now you can customize the controls quite a bit. Be sure to check that out. I also made a ton of little tweaks to the “dual” and “turns” mods. And I fixed a ton of bugs, including some pretty messy ones!

If you happen to be at GDC, say hi! I’m friendly! Just look for the guy with the ridiculously huge belt buckle. I’ll be at the Indie Game Summit and the TouchArcade party for sure. And I’ll have a special GDC-only Galcon 2 sticker to give you :)


P.S. Thanks for everyone’s bug reporting and testing this past week. Don’t worry, I’m not ignoring you, I just didn’t have time to fix all those things because I had to get the iPad port done this week. So the multitude of things we found still aren’t fixed yet. I’ll be working on those after GDC :)