Galcon 2 – beta21 – Bug fixing, cleanup, colorblind support added

October 26th, 2013

Ahoy there, beta20 has arrived! Backers can check it out for Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android. (Testflight on the way…)

This update just fixed a bunch of bugs, and adds colorblind support. It also removed Galcon Legends from Galcon 2. (I hope to get a release candidate build of Galcon Legends out for you to test on Steam very soon!)

To modders, I’ve changed most 0/1 style bools over to true/false style bools to make things work better with Lua.

Also, check out a video of what happened when I first enabled colorblind mode in Galcon 2.

Please post your feedback on the forums!


P.S. I’ll be online for a while to play the game, talk about Galcon 2, etc!

Galcon 2 – beta20 – SDL2, UI, Legends, Modding, Galaxy Map, Rewards …

October 19th, 2013

Ahoy there! beta20 is ready for backers to check out for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. (TestFlight / iOS coming shortly.) I’ll be online for the next hour or so, so stop in and say hi!

The game itself got an internal upgrade as I migrated from SDL to SDL2, the main value of that is making full-screen work on retina display Macs. Everything else should be pretty much the same. I’ve also done a bunch of bug fixes and tweaks on the UI, so playing should work even better than before. These changes will improve play on touch and mouse control.

Galcon Legends got a bit of an overhaul with some new music, graphic improvements, and bot AI improvements! I’m hoping to release Galcon Legends to the public pretty soon, so do check it out and give feedback on the forums.

Modders rejoice! I’ve *finally* gotten around to fixing up mod_client and mod_server. You can customize those mods to make your own Galcon modes to test them out. Keep in mind we also have documentation on much of the Galcon 2 API for your reference here!

The Galaxy Map has gotten a nice new feature – stars with active players are highlighted so it’s even easier to find people online.

Also, I’ve gotten a few inquiries about the rewards. So let me fill you in:

- Post-Kickstarter PayPal backers will be getting their rewards last. KS people get ‘em first. (So if you backed late, you have to wait … it’s just kinda fair and it makes logistics easier for us.)

- $100+ tiers are on hold while we get the box set sorted out. We’ve had some trouble with the box, currently the wraps for the box are at the box company, who seems to not be willing to do the project, so we’re trying to get those returned so we can get the boxes produced by another company and then wrapped by someone else. A bit of crazy :( We’re really hoping we’ll get it sorted out soon.

- I’d love to send out stuff earlier (like the poster / magnet set) but unfortunately shipping costs are crazy, so it would cut into the money which is saved for the in-game art. Also, the way KS works, we can only request your address once, and mark things as shipped once, so that would make a bit of logistical mess too.

Once we have the box in hand, it’ll all be getting shipped out pretty quickly. But, yeah, it’s being delayed. Sorry about that! Thanks for your patience and all that.


Galcon 2 – beta19 – Try Galcon Legends NOW!

October 1st, 2013

Ahoy there! A new update is ready for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and TestFlight.

The main feature of this is a new beta of Galcon Legends is included right with Galcon 2. (This will not be part of the final Galcon 2 release, but it’s the easiest way for me to get it out to you for testing!) Just sign in and click on the LEGENDS tab at the bottom of the screen.

I really want feedback on this game, as I’m going to try and release Galcon Legends during October, so please tell me what you think on the forums! This update of Legends also includes the excellent new soundtrack created by Joshua Laya. (Note: music not available on iOS or Android builds yet.)

Lastly, I’ve done a bunch of the bug fixes found in beta18. For the sake of making this post look longer, here’s the complete list:

= 10/1/2013 =
- ios: on portrait modes (ipod touch), the zoom mode goes on even when it shouldn’t (problem does not exist in landscape)
- ios: can’t slide percentages.
- mods: include Galcon Legends OR remove the Legends button from the mods screen.

= 9/30/2013 =
- legends: add music
- mods: upgrade frustration mod
- api: winning a bet loses your coins. (so a bet of 50 against 1 person loses you 150 instead of gaining you 50)
- galaxy: not always tracking rank / location of players properly.
- lobby: when joining a server, you aren’t always changed to the correct class.
- galaxy: joining a server doesn’t always get you into the correct server. (probably due to running out of servers? so maybe fixed?)
- galaxy: have button to dismiss user list
- galaxy: have user list say what server they are on right now.
- lobby: if in settings, anytime anyone types anything in chat, it drops you back to the lobby out of settings.
- galcon_util: game will end even if it’s a single player game (to avoid hanging servers.)
- lobby.lua: now you can’t start a game if there are 0 /play people
- clients.lua: added /debug command to inspect server variables.

= 9/26/2013 = (fixing on server)
- bets: betting winning crashes server.
- server: music not resetting for client when i rejoin a server.
- galaxy: user totals not correct on map
- galaxy: map should indicate where users are playing.
- galaxy: going to a server doesn’t always put you in the proper server

Have fun!

P.S. I’ll be online for about an hour, so sign onto the Galaxy Map and say hi!

Galcon 2 – beta18 – Overhaul edition: Galaxy Map, Rankings, and Zooming

September 26th, 2013

Ahoy there! It’s been a while, thanks for waiting around! The summer has been very busy with Nan and I participating in our first goat shows, as well as hosting an indie game developer mini-conference on Lake Powell.

But between all that, I’ve managed to get a ton of stuff overhauled for beta18! You can download it for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. (TestFlight for iOS will be mailed out shortly.)

So here’s the breakdown of what we’ve got! The most “in your face” change is the overhaul of the Galaxy Map. It now has a few constellations and each star has a slightly different game type with it. In theory, you can now play some 2v2 and donut shaped games!

Next up, the rankings got a major overhaul. I’ve only tested them a little bit, but now you should be able to rank up your flag, gain extra stars (by earning points on various stars), and get wings by winning in tournaments (right now: betting.) I reduced the number of ranking flags down to one flag for the whole game, as I think that makes things easier to understand, and it makes it so unlike previous Galcons where some flags were impossible to rank up, this one should be.

Next, I did some major work on the user interface stuff. For a long time I’ve disliked the pan + zoom features in Galcon 2, so Nan suggested I change it to a mini-map type thing. Which really changes how it works, but I think it works much better. Be sure to give Esparano’s Frustration mod a play with it and tell me what you think.

Lastly, I did even MORE work on the user interface. iOS players should be able to use multi-touch finally! I also got sick of the ludicrous number of options in the settings page. I wasn’t able to even be sure what some of the options meant after a while and it was beginning to break the UI code by having too many options. (It was possible to set up the game so it just plain didn’t work.) Anyway, I reset everyone’s settings and have a new set of them to mess with.

Thanks everyone for your feedback! Be sure to stop by the forums and tell me what you think of all the new stuff, I need your feedback to make this game the best it can be!


P.S. Pop onto the servers right now, I’ll be playing for the next hourish and getting bug reports / feedback there too!

BIG NEWS (again!) – Galcon 2 – Galcon Legends and Party Report

August 14th, 2013

I’m thrilled to announce the return of the Instant Action Galcon campaign as Galcon Legends!

This is going to be sold as a paid game separate from Galcon 2. It will be sold on iPad, Windows/Mac/Linux, probably Android too. But backers of Galcon 2 will get it as a bonus game because it was built as a direct result of the Kickstarter and your pledges. So yes, that means TWO Galcon games are coming now! The “Galcon 2″ F2P MMO and “Galcon Legends”!!

How it all happened: I never planned on having modding in Galcon 2, but the backers asked for it. As a result, a few modders began working on Galcon 2 mods. I got in touch with Evan “esparano” Sparano, to ask if he wanted to work with me on more Galcon 2 modding projects. So Evan spent the summer using the original artwork and watching YouTube videos of the campaign to re-create it using the Galcon 2 engine!

Backers can try out the Galcon Legends beta, by following these steps:

1. Download the latest Galcon 2 for Windows/Mac/Linux from here.
2. Download the Galcon Legends beta from here.
3. Unzip to your computer
4. In Galcon 2, under Mods, enter “path/to/folder/GalconLegends/GalconLegends.lua”
5. Press Play and have fun!!
6. Go to the Galcon 2 forums and leave some feedback!

And now in other news …

The Galcon 2 Party was incredibly fun! Nan and I were there as well as Tim (composer for the previous Galcon games.) Two other brave players made the trek out to Colorado to join in the festivities! Here’s some of the highlights of the day:

Tim and I set up the breakfast table, complete with the day’s program and name plates. It was most elegant.

After breakfast it was time to meet the Galcon Goats! Everyone pet Cuzco and got to meet Lilly and Nibbles (who were in some of our Kickstarter videos.) Lilly and Nibbles also had kids who were quite friendly with crowd.

After that we hit up the natural water slides near San Isabel. The hike was great and the water was perfect!

Following lunch we took some time to tour Bishop’s Castle. It is incredible.

When we got back to the Galcon HQ, we took a break for a while. But before dinner we still packed in a couple intense games of croquet. It’s a lot like Galcon. There is only one winner.

Nan made an awesome Galcon cake for the party. It was delicious chocolate!

To wrap up the evening, I launched beta17 and we played until we dropped! It was a great party!

One player stayed over night and got in a personal ride on the Galconicorn the next morning. Good times!

Thanks again to everyone who backed Galcon 2!


BIG NEWS: Galcon 2 – beta17 – Music, Android, Store … and MORE!

August 10th, 2013

Ahoy there! We’re right in the middle of the Galcon 2 Party and wanted to invite you all to join us! Here’s beta17 for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux. (iOS TestFlight email will come shortly.) We’re going to be battling it out on the servers for a few hours to celebrate Galcon 2 and check out the newest features!

I want to introduce Kim Derome, who has been working hard on creating the soundtrack for Galcon 2 over the past few months. I’m quite excited to be able to add in 5 original tracks by Kim. They are excellent and I hope you enjoy them!

I was able to get Galcon 2 working on Android, thanks to a helpful internet person! If you have an Android device, please check it out.

I’ve given the Galcon 2 store an overhaul, so now it’s got a more modern grid format. I’ve also added planet styles and colors, both of which I think really add a ton of fun to the game. In addition, I’ve overhauled the interface for betting so it’s just a few taps to set up. Lots of annoying bugs were also fixed.

I’ve also given everyone an additional 10k coins to play with. (Note: we’re still in beta here, so at some point all coins earned / spent / etc will be reset. These are not the coins you paid for.)

Lastly, I’d like to thank Evan Sparano (esparano) for creating documentation for the modding API! This is a huge help, so now when I work on Galcon, I’ll know what everything means. Also, he’s been working on a super secret project which will be fully revealed very soon.

Thanks everyone! Developing this game “in beta” is a most excellent experience!

Galcon 2 – beta16 – Earn some coins, then gamble them away!

July 23rd, 2013

Ahoy there, this is a mini-update! There’s no new game to download, this update is only on my server. I’ve just added the ability to earn coins by playing the game .. as well as the ability to gamble them away! So sign on and check it out. These are the new commands:

/bet N

The game takes a cut of each bet to go towards the trophy that is awarded. You can’t see the trophies yet, but you can see a total of your recent winnings in the players list in the lobby. I’ll be online for about an hour if anyone wants to try it out with me!

Have fun!

Galcon 2 – beta15 – Buy a trapezoid, why don’tcha?!

July 11th, 2013

Ahoy there, beta15 is live! Get it for Windows, Mac, Linux. Testflight for iOS will be emailed shortly!

It’s been about 3 weeks since the last beta, and a TON has happened. Lots of improvements to the modding system (ask me on the forums if you want to know more!) Added some really nice scrolling enhancement to the lobby, as well as fixed the balance of several classes. A MAJOR overhaul of the MMO server codebase. Added a frenzy mode, now each star has its own mode, so find the frenzy star and check it out! And lastly, added the Galcon store! You can buy classes and cosmetic ship shapes there.

A few comments on the store – I’ve given everyone 10k Galcoins. These are not the Galcoins you paid for in the Kickstarter, these are just beta coins. Which means, for the next beta or so I’ll probably be resetting how many you have spent, what you bought, how you earn new coins, how many coins equal one dollar etc. (Right now you can’t earn coins. Nor can you buy more coins.) I’m eager to hear feedback about this on the forums. It’s important to me to do a good job with the coins system.

For those who have been patiently waiting for their physical rewards, thank you! It’s definitely more difficult than we thought to get these things made, but we made a big step forward this past week, as we got the posters printed and the wrap for the box printed. Delivery of the poster tier will commence as soon as we can!

Thanks for supporting Galcon 2. Have fun checking out beta15! I’ll be online for the next hour or so, so sign in and tell me what you think!!!


Galcon 2 – beta14 – Experiment with Classes!

June 21st, 2013

Our other Galcon Goat, Nibbles (from my Nan’s goat bath video) had her kid just a few days ago! Her name is Nubbin! Goats are fun!

And, there’s a new beta out for all the backers! Windows, Mac, Linux. TestFlight iOS testers will be emailed shortly.

beta14 includes a ton of great stuff:

- Major overhaul of the iOS game interface. Please give it another go and tell me if I got it right yet.

- Some deep bug fixing. There have been quite a few Windows 7 crash complaints, please tell me if I fixed them. I’ve been unable to reproduce them on my own computer, so it’s a bit of shooting in the dark.

- And .. CLASSES! Now when you sign onto a server click on the Class name and change your class and try out the different options. I’m really excited to see how some of these play out. They are 100% unbalanced, so it’ll definitely be a raw experience.

As always, please post your comments to the forums. I read everything!!

Thanks for being part of Galcon 2! I’ll be online for a bit, so pop in and play!


Galcon 2 – beta13 – It’s like an MMO with Leaderboards!!!

June 15th, 2013

Hey, a ton has happened in the past two weeks. The most important being, my first baby goat “Petunia” was born! Here’s a pic, of me in my office. At the bottom right corner you can see some notes I was making about what database backend I was going to use for Galcon 2.

Also, I made a new beta of Galcon, this time with the Galaxy Map integrated with servers and leaderboards! So get out there and be the first Grand Admiral of Galcon 2!!* Backers can download it for Windows, Mac, Linux. TestFlight / iOS will get email notifications shortly.

Here’s a picture of the new lobby system on a screen size that’s smaller than an iPhone:

Have fun!

* Leaderboards subject to reset without notice. Also, leaderboard algorithm is going to be changed over time. That’s why it’s called a “beta”. Though, let’s be honest, this is more of an “alpha”.