Galcon 2 launched on Desktop and Steam and the iOS App Store!

Support / Contact Us

Having trouble activating Galcon Fusion on Steam? Try this first:

Start up the Steam Application > My Games > Right Click on Galcon Fusion > Click Manage Game Account > Then create your account.

Or, if you have gotten the code, and has a hyphen in it like this “xxxxxxxxxxxx-yyyy”, open up your normal web browser and go to and fill out your registration like this:
Reg.Email: Paste in the “xxxxxxxxxxxxx” part
Reg.Code: paste in the “yyyy” part

Lost your Galcon Fusion desktop registration code or never received it? Please use this form.

For multiplayer disputes (“this player cheats”, etc) please send a message to Nanno, our community manager.

For other support or questions try asking on the forums first. Our helpful community members can often respond quicker than we can! If you’re still having trouble, please use this form.

For business / press inquiries click here.