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Galcon 1.3 – Swell Features & Super Sale!!

Monday, September 15th, 2008


So Galcon 1.3 is finally in the AppStore today :) Here’s the rundown of the swell features:

  • Colorblind option in settings. This changes the colors used in the game to be more accessible to colorblind users. Thanks so much to everyone who responded to my questions about color preferences. The colorblind mode restricts Galcon to using just four colors which I picked as colors nobody listed as conflicting with each-other.
  • Deluxe Galcon Music – I’ve added the music from my first video into this edition of the game. For those of you who prefer to listen to your own music, you can go into the Settings App and turn the volume down to 0 and your iMusic should work just fine.
  • Various enhancements – The most notable one is the addition of being able to click on enemies planets during the multi-player game to see what their rank and name is. This is handy for helping you gage a player’s skill.

This week I’m also launching a Super Sale of Galcon. The sale price is 4.99 (down from 9.99) and will be running for about one week. No promises I will run it for longer though! Here’s the scoop:

  • We’ve (almost) reached our 100,000th multi-player game, it’s time to celebrate!
  • Everyone wants improved match-ups in games. The way to do this is to have a huge increase in players. Right now there are usually around 12 people playing at any given time. If we can get this to 100 or more people, then there will always be people available with comparable rank to play against!
  • So tell your iPhone / iPod Touch using friends that NOW is the time to get Galcon while it’s on sale! Yay!

Here’s some awesome user testimonials:

“Just imagine, a game so fast it could be over in 20 seconds, so strategic it could take 15 minutes, so well networked that at any moment there are always countless people blasting each other, so fun that you will play it hours at a time even when there’s no WiFi, and so addictive that you’ll soon start seeing little triangle spaceships every time you close your eyes!” – davidejorgensen

“Hands down, the most intuitive game for the iPhone. And multiplayer…are you kidding me?! This game is awesome and it truly shows the capabilities of the iPhone. Developers learn please learn from these guys as they have made one hell of an app!” – Higa27

“Wow!!! I bought this game because of the added ONLINE play, I am impressed! I think this game is officially the best Game on the App Store! You’ll be crazy not to own this game…$10 is a steal.” – tushoih