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Frequently Asked Questions

How are wins calculated when a game hits the timeout?

The win is given to the player with the most production.  In the case of a
tie, the player with most ships wins.

Can I use the same license key for two bots?

Somewhat. You may change the name of your bot anytime you want. However,
on a given server they will compete as a single bot, sharing the same 
score and never battling.

What is the order of precedence for configuration sources?

1. Command line options
2. Configuration file
3. Default values

What does -speed=0 do?

When setting the speed to zero, the game will run in a turn-based mode.
Bots will be given up to one second to reply before continuing.  Locally
this will appear about the same as speed=12.  With remote users with lag,
speeds will vary.

Why has the game slowed to one tick per second when using -speed=0?

If a bot stops responding, the game will continue to give it one tick per
second to respond before continuing.  Once the bot disconnects, the round
will end.

What is -wait for?

Wait determines the maximum wait between rounds.  This should usually be set
to a value greater than zero to ensure that the bot pairing changes from
round to round.  However, when only battling two bots, a zero wait will work
as expected.

How do I tell if a planet is neutral?

isNeutral := (Items[planet.Owner].Team == 0)