Galcon 2: Galactic Conquest - Presskit


About the game

Game NameGalcon 2: Galactic Conquest
Studio NameHassey Enterprises, Inc.
DeveloperPhil Hassey
Contact detailsEmail: - Phil Hassey
DescriptionGalcon 2 is a demolition derby in space! Send swarms of ships from planet to planet to conquer the galaxy in this fast paced multiplayer strategy game! Galcon 2 includes:
  • Clans battling for galactic supremacy
  • Tournament to prove your amazing skills
  • Betting to take Galcoins from the weak
  • Multiple ship shapes like triangle and trapezoid
  • Slick planets made of lava and ice
PriceFree to Play. Galcon 2 contains In App Purchases for cosmetics, simulated betting, and tournaments.
Steam Page
iOS App Store
Video ReviewsVideo review creators have permission to make ad-supported videos of Galcon 2 gameplay.




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Release Information

Platforms (desktop)DRM-Free / Steam / Windows / Mac / Linux
Launch date (DRM-Free)Dec. 5, 2014 @
Launch date (Steam)Dec. 5, 2014
Platforms (iOS)iPhone 4+ / iPad 2+
Launch date (iOS)Dec. 18. 2014
Platforms (Android)Recent devices
Launch date (Google Play)Unknown