Guns don't kill aliens, bombs do

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Or buy it for Windows/Mac/Linux DRM-Free + Steam Code

System requirements: OpenGL 256 MB, 512 MB RAM, 2 Ghz Processor
Windows XP+ or OS X 10.5.8+
Linux build is in beta.

Purchase from this page includes a Steam code.

Push button, receive detonation

"What? A stealth game with bombs? That sounds like an oxymoron -- an amazing oxymoron!" - Josh Mattingly, Super Indie Spotlight

"If it were a coin-op arcade game, Dynamite Jack would keep players pumping quarters into it until they'd mastered its challenges." - Evan Narciss, Kotaku

"Anathema Mines is fun and a little spooky -- the game's tense stealth action goes well with the dark graphical schemes." - Mike Schramm, TUAW

Escape the Anathema Mines

FEATURING: 28 Thrilling Levels, Map Editor, Community Sharing, Speedrun Leaderboards!

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