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1. Left click to select a planet. 2. Mouse wheel to change % Ships.
3. Right click to send ships. 4. Watch your fleet take over!

The number on the planet is the number of ships on that planet. The size of the planet indicates its production. You can mouse-over planets to see the stats. Try the in-game tutorial to learn all the other controls.

Game Controls

Action Result
Left Click Select an item. Either a planet or a fleet.
Right Click Choose the destination planet and send the fleets.
Mouse Wheel Adjust the % Ships
Numeric Keypad Adjust the % Ships
Left Click -
Drag and Drop
Select an item and drag and drop to the destination planet and send the fleets.
Shift-Left Click Select all your planets
Ctrl-Left Click Select/deselect additional items.
Drag a Box Select planets.
F4 Take a screenshot. By default it saves the image to your desktop. You can change that in the options. Images are named like "galcon001.bmp" etc.

Net Commands

During the net game, there are a number of actions you can perform that are not on the menus. They are available as /slash commands to reduce the amount of buttons on the screen. A $var is an option you can pass to the command.

To run a net game yourself, set your router to forward port 9031 to the computer you are going to host a game on.

/join $teamJoin or create a team.
/leaveLeave the team you are in.
/action, /mePerform an action, for example if your name is "phil" and you type "/action walks his goat." the other players would see "*** phil walks his goat."
/status $statusChange your status. Valid values are "play" and "away". Shortcuts are /play and /away.
/color $colorChange your color. Valid color names are: red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple, orange, white, pink, mint, periwinkle, and salmon. Short cuts are /red, /green, /blue, etc...
/surrenderSurrender (all your planets turn neutral.)
/whoList players on server.
$userIf you type a user's name within a message a notification beep will sound on their system.
/msg $user $msgSend a private message (PM) to another user. /m is a shortcut.
...[tab]Tab-completion of terms. Say you want to type in "bilgewarriors" nick name. Just type "bil" then hit the [tab] key. Galcon will do the rest for you. Works with commands too - "/sur"+[tab] = "/surrender".

Admin Commands

When you run the server, you call the shots. Here are the special commands you have available.

/resetReset the wins counts.
/abortAbort an in-progress game. Wins are not counted.
/stopStop an in-progress game. Wins are counted based on who has the most planets.
/dissolveDissolve all teams.
/dissolve $teamDissolve a team.
/team $team $user $user ...Create a team and put the players into it.
/status $status $user $user ...Change the users status.
/strictSwitch the server into strict mode. (Disallows users from changing options, joining teams, starting games.)
/deny $commandDeny the ability to do a command. For example "/deny start" would only allow the admins to start a round. "/deny options" would only allow the admins to change the options.
/allow $commandAllow a previously denied command.
/permsList the current permission settings. (strict mode, denied commands)
/admin $userGrant a user admin. *
/unadmin $userRevoke a user admin. *
/adminlistList the admin users.
/mute $userMute a user.
/unmute $userUnmute a user.
/mutelistList the muted users.
/kick $userKick a user off your server.
/ban $userBan a user from your server.
/banip $userBan a user and their IP block from your server.
/unban $userUnban a user from your server.
/banlistList the banned users.
/desc $descriptionChange the description of this game on the game list screen.
/topic $topicChange the topic as displayed at the bottom of the waiting screen.
/ranks 123456Change which ranks are allowed to play on this server. 1 is Admiral ... 6 is Cabin Boy.

* these commands are available only to the owner of the server. Other commands like /kick, /ban, /banip cannot be used against admin users.

Running a "Headless" Host

You can host a server within the Galcon interface. However, sometimes it can be nice to be able to run a server without running the whole game. Note the name and passwd supplied are generally your login user name and passwd.

Under linux:

cd galcon
./galcon server -name $name -passwd $passwd

Under windows click Start->Run->Type "cmd"

cd "C:\Program Files\Galcon"
main server -name $name -passwd $passwd

Under MacOSX run Utilities/Terminal:

cd /Applications/Galcon.app/Contents/MacOS
./galcon server -name $name -passwd $passwd

Additional options:

-gtitle "My Server"Set the title
-gpasswd passwordSet the password
-gtopic "Welcome..."Set the topic
-granks 12345Set the allowed ranks
-nosoundDisable sound effects