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Galcon Fusion

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"Galcon Fusion is one of those games you'll play over and over again." - Jay is Games

"This is one of the most addictive games I have ever played !" - tuxmachines.org

"It’s simplistic, it’s fun, and it’s hectic to a degree that’ll alienate anybody who’s mind isn’t at least vaguely superhuman at some subconscious level – but if you’re willing to push yourself to the limit, to click and think faster than you’ve ever thunk before, then you’ll find a surprisingly deep and intense passtime." - AceGamez

"The music is some of the best I have ever heard in an indie game like this." - DarkZero

"When Galcon Fusion was released for GNU/Linux I thought it was another of those simple games that I will play for 10 minutes and lose interest very quickly – but I was so wrong… This is one of the most addictive games I have ever played !" - Linux Gaming News

"Galcon Fusion is a great example of an iPhone game that translates extremely well to the iPad. With HD graphics, easy to learn touch-screen controls, multiple game types, and multiplayer online matches, this game is great for any iPad owner who likes challenging strategy games." - cnet reviews

"Galcon Fusion may masquerade as a simple little game, but playing it online you quickly see how deep the combat is." - Awesome Radical Gaming

"The game is fun and there is an endless amount of gameplay with the multiplayer feature." - iPhone Gamer Blog

"It’s fun, it’s fast and it’s dangerously addictive, as any good game should be." - Classic Game Room

"This game is loaded with options and various gameplay styles to keep any strategy gamer entertained for quite awhile." "Be warned, this game is addicting!" "I fully recommend Galcon Fusion to any player looking to enjoy a deep strategy game or even fans of Risk." "Beautiful smooth graphics - The gameplay will go as deep as the player takes it." - AppAddict

"Galcon Fusion is the essential real-time strategy game--the genre boiled down to it's essence. It's a simple game that remains addicting and fun despite being able to count the rules on one hand." "A game of Galcon can take less than a minute, yet it's addictive, simple and loads of fun." - Gamers With Jobs

"The best touchscreen strategy game that we’ve played, it’s essentially a rapid-play infinitely variable arcade space game, distilled down to a bare essence of ships and planets." - TrulyObscure

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