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Stealth Target (tm)

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Stealth Target is no longer available for pre-purchase. It will most likely appear on the iPhone / iPad App Store some day in the future where you can buy it for reals.

If you pre-purchased Stealth Target, you may request a refund.


I need some help getting this game finished! If you can do any of these things, please email me. Please send me a link to your portfolio as well as a link to any specific pieces you have made that have a similar feel to this game.

  • Box art (must be very impressive eye catching stylistic artwork)

    1920x1080 minimum resolution. Must be clear and bold, while looking good in large format as well as scaled down to mobile formats 480x320. I may have several such "concept art" style images in the game depending on how deep I go with the story. I may also use them for the "story map" menus. I would like to know roughly your price per such an image, so I can decide how "epic" I can make this based on my budget.

  • Logo art

    I need to know pricing for logo design. Will need a logo that works well large format 1920x1080 down to small format 180x70. I will need both a vector version for black and white use and a colored / stylized version.

  • Icon art (experience designing App Store app icons is a plus)

    App Store icons are 512x512. I need both a fully opaque icon for app store use as well as an icon with transparency for use on the OS X Dock and for Win32 icons. All Icons need to work good at full size as well as when scaled down to really small (32x32). For the icon art, we may be doing multiple icons until we find one that looks like it will really succeed on the App Store.

  • Achievement art

    I'll also need some achievement icons artwork done.

  • Menu design

    The game has a number of menus, I need guidance in making them look sharp. This involves creating a number of UI components that I can re-use throughout the menu system, as well as giving me concept sketchs of how to lay out the UI components so they are catching. In the game you can see the current "requirements" for what the menus must contain. I probably want icons for most of the menu items. I will also need recommendations of what font I should use in the menus. The font needs to scale well from hi-res down to mobile sizes.

  • Level textures

    I'd like to have different texture sets for various scenarios in the game. There's only a floor and a wall texture, so it's pretty simple.

  • 3D models (that will be rendered as isometric sprites)

    The player has a walk (8 frames), standing (1 frame), dying (8 frames) animations. The guard has a standing (1 frame), walking (8 frames), running (8 frames), shooting (8 frames) animations. The game also has various items (vases, flags, coats of armor). I need 3D models of these items. I also need someone to give me some guidance on how to render these into isometric sprites.

  • Music

    I'm interested in having several 3 minute looping pieces. At this point, I would want at least 3 such pieces. I would like to know your price per 3 minutes.

  • Sound effects

    There are about a dozen sound effects in the game. I would like to know your price per sound effect.

To restate: I need all artwork to work well on HD screens 1920x1080 and scaled down to mobile sizes 480x320. I will want a draft and at least one revision.